Students please note that modification of modules takes place from Tuesday, 23 March to Friday 26 March 2021. This is the process during modules can added or deleted. Please note rule G6(2).. A student may only register one module in addition to those prescribed for a particular qualification in a particular semester.


Please check your proof of registration  on iEnabler and ensure that you are registered for  correct modules and for all the modules allowed for this semester. Your faculty handbook is on the website to check all your modules . If there are modules missing, this your only chance to add them and correct any errors with your 1st semester registration!

The modification form (SAFO3) available below and has been edited you to fill in the form without printing it.

Herewith the steps to follow:

  • Compete the modification form
  • Email below to your department
  1.  Filled Form
  2. Academic record
  3. Proof of Registration 
DepartmentContact Person E-mail address
Agriculture Ms R
BotanyProf H de
Biochemistry and MicrobiologyMs B
Computer ScienceMs K
Consumer Science Mrs N
ChemistryMr ZS
Human Movement ScienceMrs N
Hydrology Mr
Nursing Ms N
Physics Mrs Ntombifuthi
ZoologyMs N
Science Access - Science Foundation Mr S
Science Access - Augmented Physical ScienceMr Q
Science Access -Sciences (Returning students)Ms M
Science Access - Augmented Life Sciences (FTENsMr N