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About Us

The Department of Mathematical Sciences comprises the three disciplines of Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics. Currently, it consists of 8 academic, 2 contract and 1 support staff. Apart from the graduates that are produced in all these three disciplines, we fulfil a vital role in providing the necessary mathematical and statistical skills required in almost all disciplines in our Faculty (and beyond) and to the Faculty of Commerce, Administration and Law wherein we offer specialised service modules in statistics. Students training to be senior high school educators in the Faculty of Education are required to take the necessary content modules from our Department.

Although for the most part concentrating on undergraduate studies, recently we have enrolled increasing numbers of postgraduate students. We have a wide range of research interests in the Department, and we have consistently produced accredited publications on an annual basis. Our graduates qualify for a broad range of careers in business, industry, government and the education sector (schools, colleges, tertiary institutions).