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Mr. Lindani C. Majozi

Position: Lecturer
Phone: +27 35 902 6235
Building &Room: SC309 , Natural Science Building, KwaDlangezwa Campus


Mr. Lindani C. Majozi is an applied mathematician who began lecturing at the University of Zululand in 2020. He holds BSc. (Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics), BSc. Honours (Applied Mathematics) and MSc. (Applied Mathematics), and specializes in differential equations. Mr. Majozis research fo- cuses on using cosmological models to nd exact solutions to the eld equations.

He is highly respected by his students and known for his innovative approach to teaching mathematics and his ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way. Mr. Majozi is also a dedicated mentor to his students, and many of them have praised his enthusiasm and passion for the subject. He is continuously
seeking new ways to apply mathematical methods to understand the universe, and he is expected to make signi cant contributions in the near future.

Lecture’s the following modules:

  • 4AMT506 – General Relativity [Honours]
  • 4AMT331/SAMT331 – Tensor Analysis [Third Year class]
  • 4AMT312/SAMT312 – Advanced Classical Mechanics [Third Year class]
  • 4AMT211/SAMT211 – Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modeling [Second Year class]
  • 4MTH222/SMTH222 – Linear Algebra and Differential Equations [Second Year class]
  • 4MTH112/SMTH112 – Calculus II [First Year class]


– MSc. (Applied Mathematics), BSc. Honours (Applied Mathematics), BSc.
(Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics)

Research interests: 


  •  Differential Equations

  • General Relativity
  • Lie Symmetries of Differential Equations
  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology
Current Interest
  • Exact solutions to Einstein eld equations
  • Highly compact stellar objects and radiating stars
  • Time-dependent Karmarkar condition
  • Exterior spacetime and junction condition

Professional membership:

  • Astrophysics Research Centre (ARC)