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Mr Welcome J Dlamini

Position: nGAP Lecturer
Phone: 035 902 6387
Building &Room: Natural Science Building, KwaDlangezwa Campus


Welcome J. Dlamini is a nGAP Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Zululand at Kwa-Dlangezwa campus. He holds BSc Hons(Statistics)(UKZN),MSc(Statistics)(UKZN) . 

  • Worked as information technology, mathematics and statistics tutor and physical demonstrator.
  • worked as residence assistant at university of KwaZulu-Natal.

Lecture’s the following modules:

4STT211/SSTT211, 4STT311/SSTT311, and 4STT501


MSc, BScHons, BSc (UKZN)

Research interests: 

Biostatistics is the application of statistical methods in studies in biology, and encompasses the design of experiments, the collection of data from them, and the analysis and interpretation of data. biostatisticians have to provide a clear specification of the hypothesis to be tested. In other words, they have to provide the parameters to be tested. Also, they are responsible for selecting and defining endpoints in clinical research. Health data contains valuable insights that can be used to save lives. The field of biostatistics, which involves using statistics to analyse health data, plays a critical role in informing and supporting public health initiatives, especially during national health emergencies. I have worked on statistical models to understand factors associated with under-five mortality in Tanzania and Robust regression as an alternative methods to ordinary least squares.