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Welcome to the University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Department of Agriculture in the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering. We hope the information on the website will inspire you to join our department as a student, academic, visitor, or stakeholder. As you navigate our website page, we hope you will discover the full spectrum of teaching, learning, research, innovation, and community work the department is engaged in. The UNIZULU Department of Agriculture currently offers three programmes, namely: 1) Agribusiness Management, 2) Animal Sciences and 3) Agronomy (Plant Sciences) from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. The department prides itself on offering a supportive and student-centred learning environment to approximately 3200 students. Our academic and professional services staff’s mission is to facilitate all students’ educational growth and development.

We invite you to engage with the website, explore staff profiles, and delve into our academic programmes, research initiatives and exciting opportunities for students and staff alike.

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Agribusiness Management

 Name of programme (code): BSc Agribusiness Management (4BSC51)

 Purpose of the programme: The Agribusiness Management programme aims to equip students with agribusiness management or agricultural economics skills and expose them to the environment in which an agricultural economist operates. These include pursuing a career within the agribusiness value chain, which consists of the supply of agricultural inputs, agricultural production, agro-processing, agricultural trade, and agricultural marketing. The programme also focuses on the managerial functions of farm business operations and agribusiness. With this qualification, graduates will be qualified to enter various fields of agribusiness as practitioners in both the private and public sectors. The programme will also equip graduates with the necessary skills that will enable them to pursue their own business interests if they wish to do so.

 Employment opportunities citing typical employers: A qualification in BSc Agribusiness Management offers graduate/s a wide array of career opportunities that include but not limited to own business ownership, marketing/sales representatives, research and education (universities and research institutes), agricultural trade industries including but not limited to government departments and International Trade platforms or ports of entry/exit, financial specialists/banking sector (Land Bank including the big 4 (Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB and Nedbank – Agricultural Finance Units) farm or ranch management and natural resources management in all spheres of the economy; at micro and macro levels (government and food multinationals).

 Entrepreneurial opportunities citing sector, industry and typical businesses: The programme will equip the graduates with the necessary skills that will enable them to start their own business in any sector of the economy, including those not necessarily linked to agriculture. Graduates will understand the entrepreneurial process and the legal requirements that will enable them to start their own businesses. These skills and knowledge include any business activity related to the entire agricultural sector and any other business if the individual wishes to do so. Other opportunities in the farming sector include consultancy work and providing goods and services to the participants in the agricultural industry.

 Vertical articulation for further / higher degree studies: The programme/ qualification is at NQF level 8 and designed to be sufficient for students who wish to further their studies to an MSc and doctoral (PhD) degree studies, and in this way, obtain the kind of depth that will make them attractive as professionals and knowledgeable in the Agribusiness sector both for the public and private sector/s and including research and academic institutions. For example, there is a shortage of doctorate (PhD) holders in the country for this qualification. Vertical articulation within the MSc and doctoral degrees within this field may help bridge this gap and enhance the competitiveness of the Agribusiness sector in terms of the production of knowledge and human capital in South Africa.

 Horizontal articulation with other qualifications: The programme is also well positioned to articulate horizontally, such as commerce and other agricultural, environmental, resource management and rural development degree studies/ qualifications. It also articulates horizontally further with the education sector, teacher education programmes, which are amongst the country’s fastest employing sectors, especially given that agricultural economics skills are scarce/critical skills in South Africa.

Animal Sciences

 Name of programme (code): BSc Animal Science (4BSC50)

 The Animal Science discipline within the UNIZULU Department of Agriculture is a dynamic community of enthusiastic scientists passionate about animal science. Whether your interests lie in animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics, or beyond, the programme will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this field as an academic, industry or potential entrepreneur.

 Here’s what you can expect during your journey with the Animal Sciences programme:

Scientific foundations: In your first year, the programme introduces you to the fundamental sciences, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and computer literacy. These foundational courses will provide the necessary background to understand the intricacies of animal science and its applications.

 Specialised focus: As you progress through the programme, you will have the opportunity to explore specialised modules in animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics, animal health, livestock production and management, and other relevant areas. Our curriculum balances theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, ensuring you are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in animal science.

 Research and innovation: The Animal Science discipline at UNIZULU is at the forefront of research and innovation in the agricultural sector. Our faculty members are leading experts in their respective fields, conducting cutting-edge research to address critical animal science challenges.

Career opportunities: Upon graduation, the programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to pursue diverse career paths in animal science. Whether you aspire to work in livestock production, research institutes, feed companies, farm management, animal genetics, or indigenous production systems, our programme will prepare you for success in the dynamic and rewarding field of animal science.

 Vertical Articulation: For further or higher degree studies of Animal Science, the programme/qualification is at NQF level 8 and designed to provide a solid foundation for students who aspire to pursue advanced studies in Animal Science to progress vertically to a Master of Science (NQF level 9) and Doctoral (PhD) levels (10). These levels would allow students to deepen their knowledge of animal nutrition, reproductive physiology, animal genetics, livestock production systems, animal health, and related specialisations. This vertical articulation aims to equip graduates with the expertise needed to excel as professionals in various sectors, including livestock production farming, research institutions, and academia. For instance, there is a growing demand for doctoral (PhD) holders in Animal Science to address complex challenges in livestock production, genetics, nutrition, and sustainable farming practices. Vertical articulation within MSc and doctoral degrees in Animal Science can help meet this demand by producing highly skilled professionals capable of driving innovation and addressing pressing issues, especially the recent developments of Artificial Intelligence in farming.

Horizontal Articulation with other qualifications after completing a BSc in Animal Science: The programme is also well positioned to articulate horizontally with various related fields and disciplines. Graduates with a BSc in Animal Science can seamlessly transition to careers in livestock production and management, feed formulation companies, and biotechnology. Furthermore, horizontal articulation extends to sectors such as environmental science, wildlife conservation, and public health, where knowledge of animal biology and behaviour is valuable. Additionally, collaboration with education sectors, including teacher education programmes, can enhance the integration of animal science concepts into school curricula, fostering greater awareness and understanding of animal farming and agricultural practices among future generations. By leveraging horizontal articulation, graduates of Animal Science programmes can explore diverse career pathways and contribute to addressing global challenges related to food security, animal health, and environmental sustainability.

Agronomy (Plant Sciences)


The BSc Agriculture (Agronomy) programme in the UNIZULU Department of Agriculture consists of a vibrant community of aspiring agricultural scientists. Whether you’re passionate about crop production, soil health, or sustainable agriculture, this programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact.

 Here’s what you can expect during your journey with the Plant Sciences programme:

 Scientific foundations: In your first year, you’ll delve into fundamental sciences, including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and computer literacies. These provide the bedrock for understanding agricultural systems and processes.

 Agricultural focus: As you progress, you’ll explore specialised modules that bridge theory and practice. Our curriculum emphasises both scientific principles and hands-on experience.

 National development impact: The BSc Agriculture (Agronomy) programme aligns with the National Development Plan. By graduating from this programme, you will enhance agricultural production, research, technology innovation, and development in South Africa.

Career opportunities: As a BSc Agriculture (Agronomy) graduate, you will be well-prepared for diverse career paths. Whether you envision yourself working on commercial farms, conducting research, or driving rural transformation, the programme equips you with the tools to succeed.

The UNIZULU Department of Agriculture is committed to providing an enriching educational experience that will prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career in Agriculture. Welcome to the UNIZULU Department of Agriculture – we look forward to supporting you on your journey towards becoming a leader in the agricultural industry.