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The Department of Computer Science was initiated in 1999 and is known for its Programming and Software Engineering focus in its undergraduate offerings. We host a Telkom Centre of Excellence where research is conducted in the fields of Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing and Wireless Ad hoc Networks. The Computer Science Department offers 6 double-major BSc programmes with our partner departments.

 The double-major programmes on offer are:

 The undergraduate Computer Science curriculum comprises major topics such as Programming, Software Engineering, Databases, Data Structure and Networking. These topics are informed by the Computer Science curriculum framework provided by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). These bodies are the most-recognised standards-making bodies in the Computing discipline. The Department offers a dedicated undergraduate laboratory where lectures and practical sessions can be held. As a result of our student’s exposure to industry-relevant topics, our graduates are competitive in the marketplace and ever increasing numbers are involved with mobile application development start-ups.

We also offer focused post-graduate programmes with BSc Honours, MSc and PhD in Computer Science. Our postgraduate students are offered 4 workspaces for their research activities. Research in the Department is conducted under the auspices of a Telkom Centre of Excellence. The Centre presently conducts research in the fields of Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing and Wireless Ad hoc Networks. Our competencies have been developed over 13 years of research grants obtained from DST/National Research Foundation, Department of Trade and Industry, DTI/THRIP and industry partners: Telkom SA (PTY) Ltd, Huawei Africa (PTY) Ltd, and Dynatech information Systems, an SMME. The Department also collaborates with the CSIR via the Meraka Institute and the DPSS in the domains of SDN and Tactical Military Networks, respectively. Research productivity statistics consistently place the Department in the top ten most productive departments at the University.