The Computer Science Department offer double-major programmes for undergraduate namely : 

  • BSc Applied Mathematics with Computer Science ,
  • BSc Computer Science with Mathematics, 
  • BSc Computer Science with Statistics,
  • BSc  Computer Science with Physics, 
  • BSc Computer Science with Chemistry 
  • BSc Computer Science with Hydrology
Mainstream (Computer Science as a major) 
(i) A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with passes allowing entry to degree studies is required. (This is referred to as a NSC-Deg) or it’s approved foreign (equivalent). 
(ii) A minimum of 30 NSC points. 
(iii) A pass of at least 50% (level 4) in Mathematics.
 (iv) A pass of at least 50% (level 4) in English. 
(v) A pass of at least 50% (level 4) in Information Technology or Physical Sciences


Mainstream (Computer Science as a major)

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BSc Computer Science (honours)- 4HON05
M.Sc Computer Sciene - 4MSC05
Ph.D in Computer Science - 4PHD05

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