We is involved in a number of community projects, one of them promoting promote entrepreneurship amongst young people

The South African Government has introduced numerous initiatives to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people. These initiatives are in place due to available evidence showing that small enterprises can stimulate an economy and lessen our unemployment rate. Traditionally, Computer Science students have not seen entrepreneurship as a viable career choice after graduation. However, the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires university graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset as traditional jobs become automated and people will have to invent new, previously unknown roles for themselves in the knowledge economy.

Given the increasing influence of Information Technology, Computer Science graduates are well-placed to play a meaningful role in the future economy. However, our current curriculum does not adequately prepare our students to consider entrepreneurship upon completion of their studies. Thus, the Computer Science department seeks to collaborate with an entrepreneurship-focused entity to supplement our formal curriculum and empower our students by exposing them to the concept of entrepreneurship.

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