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The Faculty offers the following qualifications:


(A)  A three-year double major programme leading to the award of a B.Sc. degree.Thispermit students to study          certain combinations of disciplines in accordance with their interests and requirements. Curricula are                    designed so that graduates are  equippe with the necessary skills to pursue careers in various fields.

(B)  A three-year focussed programme leading to the following degrees:
       B. Consumer Science (Hospitality and Tourism).
       B.A. Environmental Planning and Development,

(C) A four-year focussed programme leading to the following degrees:
      B.Sc. Agriculture (Plant Science),
      B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science),
      B. Consumer Science (Extension and Rural Development), and
      B. Cur. (Bachelor of Nursing Science)

      Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering,

      Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

      Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering

      Bachelor neering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering,

(D) A three-year diploma of Engia programme leading to the following diplomas:

      Diploma in Sport and Exercise Technology
      Diploma in Hospitality Management   

All the above qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered with the
South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
Students are advised that even though a module or programme may be included in this Handbook the
Faculty of Science and Agriculture is not compelled to offer it.
The Rules and Syllabi sections contain outlines of each qualification and programme offered by the Faculty.

The Faculty has adopted the matriculation points system as used by the Central Applications Office and other Universities as part of the entrance requirements for qualifications in the Faculty. Points are awarded as follows:

Under the old (pre 2008) matriculation system (only using the six best results)

Higher Grade Standard Grade

A      >80%        8 points
B      70-79%     7 points
C      60-69%     6 points 
D      50-59%     5 points 
E       40-49%    4 points
F       33-40%     3 points

Standard Grade

A     > 80%        6 points
B      70-79%     5 points
C      60-69%    4 points
D      50-59%    3 points
E       40-49%   2 points
F       33-40%    1 point

Under the new National School Certificate (2008 onwards) (only using the six best subjects and excluding Life Orientation)

Level 7     >80%       7 points
Level 6    70-79%     6 points
Level 5     60-69%    5 points
Level 4     50-59%    4 points
Level 3     40-49%    3 points
Level 2     30-39%    2 points
Level 1     <30%       1 point


Please note that the achievement of the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee an
applicant admission to the Faculty. Applications should be channelled through the Central Applications
Office and offers will be made taking into account the academic achievements of applicants and the
available spaces in the courses of study.

Recognition of Prior Learning


The onus to apply for recognition of courses passed elsewhere, to be used as credit for a degree at the University of Zululand, rests on the candidate. This is done through the Student Affairs Section. Heads of Departments at the University of Zululand will, on request, evaluate the relevant courses. The candidate must supply any information needed to evaluate each course e.g. the prospectus or course descriptions as published by the former institution. Only after the faculty board has approved the applications will they be entered on the students’ record. If a course is not approved the student has to do the relevant modules at the University of Zululand.

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