The Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (FSAE) strategic plan for 2022-2027 is based on and aligned with the University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Vision 2027 Strategic Plan. The faculty aims to position itself in contributing significantly to the development of quality research, both nationally and internationally, through strategic collaboration with relevant industrial and academic partners. In this context, it is important to recognize our identity as a rural- based comprehensive university that is proximal to one of South Africa’s major industrial centers. The FSAE Purpose Statement “We believe in educating and producing competitive, globally relevant, quality African scientists with future-focused competencies” is aligned to the vision and mission of UNIZULU. Our purpose is to position the university of Zululand as ‘A Node for African Thought’ by taking the advantage of local /national and global imperatives shaping teaching and learning, research and innovation.


The FSAE strategic plan 2022-2027 is focusing on institutional goals 3, 4, and 6. However institutional goals 1 and 2 are embraced in our teaching and learning, community engagement and research strategy.


A leading comprehensive African university that thrives on quality and fosters collaborative and innovative cultures with its rural and urban campuses.

Purpose Statement

We believe in educating and producing competitive, globally relevant, high-quality African scientists with future-focused competencies


The FSAE embraces the Unizulu values, which serve as a foundation for a more equitable and inclusive UNIZULU community. The values are:

  1. Discovery and pursuit of excellence through teaching, learning, research, and innovation in science
  2. Community of Belonging: We embrace all forms of diversity, social inclusion and elimination of social injustices.
  3. Teamwork: Working together to accomplish a common goal.
  4. Accountability: Subscribing to integrity and transparency.