– Themba Shozi and Paul Tarwireyi, academics in the Computer Science Department
Mr Themba Shozi

Position:  Lecturer
Phone: +27 35 902 6012
Email: shozit(at) unizulu.ac.za
Building &Room: D-block office 106

Themba Shozi is currently a lecturer at the University of Zululand in the Computer Science Department. Themba holds a master’s, honours, and bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Zululand. Themba has worked at the CSIR as a Junior Research Engineer in the cloud and network architectures group, has also worked as a research and development engineer for the smart mobility group in the CSIR and, most recently, before his current position, worked as a researcher at SITA SOC (Ltd) in the research and innovation department. He has over 4 years of first-hand experience as a lead engineer in the development of applications (Smart Mobility) and conducting network communication research with a focus on Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functional Virtualization (NFV), Cloud Computing, and IoT. During his time as a researcher, Themba has led in the development and implementation of architectural mechanisms by providing research to support the development of GWEA to improve the interoperability of government systems by the ICT Innovation & Research. In the smart mobility group, he conducted research in transportation planning, surveys, modelling, decision support systems, traffic engineering, and/or statistical analysis. His academic experience includes peer-reviewed publications in the areas of SDN, WAN, government ICT, IoT, Blockchain, and Digital Transformatio

MSc, Hons, BSc (Computer Science) (UNIZULU)

Research interests: 
Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functional Virtualization (NFV), Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Government ICT