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Welcome to Department of Nursing Science

The Department of Nursing Science believes that individuals are unique holistic beings who must be supported in the maintenance of wellness, require care during periods of illness, and deserve dignity in their approach to death. The Department further believes that individuals are unique holistic beings who must engaged in continuing dynamic interaction at any time, the system of interest may be individual, the family, a group, the community or society who interact with the environment resulting in either positive or negative responses. Negative responses lead to ill health.

Welcome Message from Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Nursing Science at the University of Zululand based at the main campus,
. We hope that you will be inspired to join our Department as a student or, that as a parent, you will be convinced to entrust your young adult(s) to our academic care.

Our Department prides itself on offering a supportive and student-centred learning environment. The department consists of dedicated academic and supportive administrative staff and approximately 370 committed students. Our academics and professional services staff mission is to facilitate the academic and social growth of all students in our care… Read More

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