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The Department of Nursing Science offer undergraduate 4 year degrees namely:


(i) A full matriculation endorsement, exemption or conditional exemption or its approved foreign equivalent, A minimum of 30 matric points,
(ii) A pass in English of at least 40% (E symbol) at the higher grade (HG) or 50% (D symbol) at the standard grade (SG), and
(iii) A pass in Biology of at least 40% (E symbol) at the higher grade (HG) or 50% (D symbol) at the standard grade (SG).

To register for 3rd level modules a student shall have passed all 1st year modules. To register for 4th level modules a student shall have passed all 2nd level modules. In order to progress the subsequent level major a candidate shall complete the necessary requirements and obtain a pass mark in the preceding level. Where a support course or module is a pre-requisite a candidate shall be required to complete and pass the pre-requisite course or module in order to register the specific module.
A total of four thousand (4000) hours experiential learning must be completed (SANC Regulation R425) Practical work shall be undertaken at health related institutions approved by the SANC. Minimum hours for experiential learning shall be based on the directive set by the SANC. A learner shall keep a record of his/her clinical performance as prescribed for each level of study. This includes workbooks for General Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Midwifery, Psychiatry Nursing, Research project report, SANC Regulations file. Such records shall be signed by a professional nurse responsible for the clinical experience and will serve as legal evidence of experiential learning. Learner records for each level of the programme must be submitted complete, by 30 September each year for evaluation. Total attendance at SANC approved clinical facilities for prescribed clinical experience is compulsory.
B CUR (E et A)
This is a post registration degree programme for professional nurses, and is registrable with the South African Nursing Council. The degree is offered over a minimum of 3 years full-time or 4-5 years part-time study. Admission requirements: Full matriculation exemption and current registration with the South African Nursing Council as a general nurse and midwife Option 1: Nurse educator and nurse manager Option 2: Community health nurse and nurse manager