The UNIZULU Students’ Debate recently hosted by the Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering (FSA&E). It was not just a mere debate but it was transforming thinking and reasoning on arguments that might be taken for granted about the Ethnomedicine topic as a way to go. The debating students engaged one another in a manner that aroused not only logic scientific reasoning in the debaters and audience, but it also depicted Ethnomedicine as a way to go while capitalising on its existence as early as 3000 BC. Also, the fact that in 1941, about 700 of 1, 211 drugs that had been found were medicinal plants. The cherry on top which was expressed as “say it all” referring to its documentation in the Association of Ethnomedicine as well as being acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO). Ethnomedicine is best known for its goodness which related to its Anthropological stance, affordability, accessibility, user friendly of the traditional medicine doctor allows a holistic approach to care.